Monday, June 2, 2008

Dundee India Pale Ale

   AROMA 7/10   APPEARANCE 4/5   TASTE 8/10   PALATE 3/5   OVERALL 14/20
Chad9976 (735) - Albany, New York, USA - FEB 25, 2010
If I were to draw up a critical theory or hierarchy of beer I’d say ale is the best type of beer with pale ale being the best of that style and India Pale Ale being the best of the best. This is obvious to me now after having sampled a variety of beers lately.

Currently, I’m drinking JW Dundee’s India Pale Ale and quite frankly it is much tastier than anything in the Sam Adams line (I don’t believe there’s an IPA in that line). Here is a beer that from the moment you take your first swig you’re in love. A beer that makes you go “Mmmmmmm!” MUST be doing something right!


This IPA in the JW Dundee’s line by High Falls Brewing Co. pours to a beautiful dark copper/light red crystal clear color. The pour is smooth and forms a perfectly-proportioned layer of head. It doesn’t have much taste or creaminess in and of itself, but it isn’t quick to dissipate, either.

This beer has a scent that is just as great as its taste. The sensation of hops is quite strong, but almost floral and is surprisingly pleasant.


Well if you can find a tastier beer I’d like to know about it. Few beers are this wonderfully delicious. JW Dundee’s India Pale Ale is extremely hoppy in flavor and yet it’s somehow very sweet, almost tart. It reminds me a little of Newcastle Brown Ale, but with a bit more of hoppy bite.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. There is really no “bite” to this beer at all, as it is extremely smooth and easy to drink. Whereas a beer with a strong flavor of hops, such as Sam Adams Boston Lager can be borderline harsh, this IPA delivers its flavor to your palate in just the opposite way. It’s a smooth lover and a delicious one at that. The sensation that lingers after each swallow is almost as good as the one that dances on your palate on the way down.

The beer finishes just as smoothly as it begins. With only a few exceptions, I can’t recall being so upset at the fact a glass of beer was finished as I was with this one. Pour me another!


Not surprisingly, beers heavy in taste are heavy in body as I learned recently with the Pale Ale offering from JW Dundee’s. This IPA is equally weighty, but not to the point of being overwhelming. You could probably down several in a row because it’s so tasty and smooth before feeling full. Unfortunately, it only comes in a JW Dundee’s mix pack so the most you can drink is two at a time – arrgh!


Until drinking JW Dundee’s India Pale Ale I never realized how superior this niche beer is. It’s tasty, smooth and not extremely filling so what else could a beer drinker ask for? How about this brew packaged in its own six or 12-pack? Please!

Grade: 7/10

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