Sunday, November 2, 2008

Abita Pecan Harvest Ale

   AROMA 6/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 6/10   PALATE 4/5   OVERALL 12/20
Chad9976 (735) - Albany, New York, USA - JAN 19, 2010
Some of my favorite beers have had a roasted, nutty character to their taste, so when I found Abita Pecan Harvest I assumed it probably would as well. After all, the label clearly states that this beer is made with real Louisiana pecans that have been “toasted to perfection.” That very well may be, but it doesn’t change the fact the beer is otherwise plain.


I had high hopes upon my initial pouring of Abita Pecan Harvest since it poured silky smooth and formed a perfectly-proportioned, off-white, foamy head which left significant lacing on the glass. It has a beautiful dark copper, clear body with very little carbonation notable.

The aroma was virtually non-existent, or at least not nearly as strong as I would have liked. It was not unlike an Oktoberfestbier in that it was fairly malty but quite weak. No specific ingredients were detectable from the nose alone.


I’ve noticed that a beer’s aroma and its taste are almost directly proportional and such is the case of Abita Pecan Harvest. Since it didn’t have much of a smell, it didn’t come as much surprise to me that it didn’t have much of a taste, either. I initially chalked this up to drinking the beer too cold so I let the second serving warm a little before imbibing, but to no avail.

There isn’t much to say about this beer as far as taste because it’s so plain and watery. Much like the scent, the taste is a lot like an Oktoberfestbier in that it’s only mildly flavored with some malts. Despite the label’s promotion of the beer being brewed with real pecans I didn’t find the beer had much of a nutty taste at all. In fact, I have tried many American brown ales that had a stronger, nuttier flavor than what is available here. Not that the taste is bad at all, but there just isn’t much to enjoy here.


Since this beer was so lightly carbonated and had such a weak, watery flavor, its smooth finish is only natural. Drinking Abita Pecan Harvest is no challenge at all, and is one of the few compliments I can honestly give this beer.


Neither the bottle, the box, nor the brewer’s website listed the beer’s alcohol by volume percentage nor the number of calories contained per serving. This beer seemed to be fairly light in weight and potency and after drinking two bottles in a fairly short time frame, I didn’t feel buzzed or overwhelmed at all. It almost drinks like a light beer in a way (which isn’t necessarily a compliment).


I didn’t know what to expect out of Abita Pecan Harvest, but it certainly wasn’t a bland, watery, lightweight beer. If anything I was prepared for a heavy, spicy beer or a mild brown ale. I’m not sure what exact style this is, although I’d consider it something of an Oktoberfestbier. If it had been just a little more flavorful it might have been worthwhile, but as it stands it’s uninspiring. 
 Grade: 5/10

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