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Magic Hat Circus Boy (2009 original review)

   AROMA 10/10   APPEARANCE 5/5   TASTE 10/10   PALATE 5/5   OVERALL 20/20
Chad9976 (736) - Albany, New York, USA - MAR 27, 2010
UPDATED: SEP 30, 2012 I’ve never been a fan of imported beers or American beers based on foreign brewing methods, but I’m starting to come around on the hefeweizen style. This is such a great style of beer I’m surprised it’s not more popular in the U.S. Most hefeweizens are smooth, tasty and medium-bodied at the heaviest. Such is the case of Magic Hat’s hefeweizen, Circus Boy.

Here’s a beer that’s extremely easy to drink and absolutely delicious. It’s a bit heavier than most hefs, but I think it’s a good beer overall.


As is typical of most hefeweizens, Circus Boy pours extremely smooth out of the bottle into a glass. It forms a rather small, bright white head which doesn’t linger for very long and leave zero lacing on the glass. Usually, this is a demerit, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

I like a beer that has a pleasant scent to it and there’s definitely a citrusy, sweet smell to this one. No single ingredient stands out in the nose, though, but a sweet scent is always a good thing.


There’s just such a great feeling you get when you drink a beer and it tastes nothing like a beer. Some people actually frown upon this - then again they’re usually the types that drink anything made by Anheiser-Busch or Miller. I’m sorry, but why should I feel bad about enjoying a brew that tastes more like tropical fruit juice?

Hefeweizens, being wheat beers, don’t usually taste like your typical lagers or even your run-of-the-mill ales. This particular beer is rather sweet but has no distinct flavoring I can detect. Some beers of this style have very significant banana and clove tastes to their palate, but Circus Boy seems like a mish-mash of sweeteners. In fact, the taste seems watery and a little flat in a way (hence 4 stars instead of 5).

At least the beer is ridiculously easy to drink. Some hefeweizens, as tasty as they are, tend to have a bit of bite to them. Circus Boy tastes like a drink you might have for breakfast – it’s THAT smooth!


I think the reason hefeweizens aren’t big-sellers is because they tend to be a little too heavy in body for the average drinker. Circus Boy is actually one of the lighter hefs I have encountered. It definitely has more weight to it than a lager, and isn’t anywhere near as massive as a stout. But for a beer that is so tasty and easy to drink it’s easy to picture someone going through a few bottles of these quite quickly, only to feel bloated by the time they finish their third.


Men take heed: if you want to get your wife or girlfriend into drinking “real” beer instead of generic “lites,” introduce her to a hefeweizen. Magic Hat is a brand known for being easy to drink and very flavorful and Circus Boy can be enjoyed by anyone, not just beer connoisseurs. 
Grade: 10/10

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