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Molson Ice (2010 original review)

   AROMA 4/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 4/10   PALATE 3/5   OVERALL 9/20
Chad9976 (597) - Albany, USA - MAR 28, 2010
I never drank as a teenager and when I turned 21 it was still pretty rare that alcohol touched my lips. But I can distinctly recall many parties in my younger days where the beer du jour was Molson Ice. Drinking it all these years later as a novice connoisseur I realize why it was so popular: it’s got name recognition, it’s fairly inexpensive, it’s smooth and it’s got a little more alcohol than most beers.


Until now, I’ve never had Molson Ice out of a glass, it’s always been straight out of the green bottle or can (or maybe a red plastic cup). I was surprised it poured so smoothly and formed a perfectly-proportioned bright white foamy head. The head was quite foamy and, surprisingly, left some lacing on the glass.This beer has a very light straw color . There is quite a lot of carbonation present, which never ceases throughout the life of the beer.

There really isn’t much aroma to speak of, either. It doesn’t even have a generic “beer smell.” What is detectable is a scent not unlike rubbing alcohol. Considering this is an “ice” beer, which is deliberately brewed to achieve a higher alcohol content, it’s not surprising.


It’s funny that this beer tastes exactly how it smells, in that there really is no true taste other than water and alcohol. Usually, cheap mass-market adjunct lagers of this type at least have some flavor of corn, but Molson Ice is almost flavorless. It’s quite ironic that an “ice” beer, which has less water than a regular, has such a watered-down taste. It’s definitely drinkable, but there’s no appeal.

And as is the case with not only mass-market lagers, but especially with ice lagers, if they are allowed to warm even remotely the taste begins to sour and the acetaldehyde becomes abundantly clear. That’s why when beers of this type are served at parties and sporting events people drink them quickly. This beer compliments hot wings, salty snack foods and pizza quite well, but only due to its inherently cold, nuetral taste.


I often find that beers that taste bland are at least smooth. Not much point in drinking a bland or bad-tasting beer that is difficult to drink, right? Molson Ice is surprisingly smooth considering its off-putting taste. But as smooth as it may be to drink, the after-effects are quite harsh. You can’t drink this beer and not expect quite a lot of belching to occur. I wouldn’t recommend getting drunk on Molson Ice because the high gas content will catch up with you later.

Since Molson Ice drinks and finishes like a light beer, it’s no surprise its weight is fairly low as well. Even a lightweight would probably be able to put away a few bottles of Molson Ice without feeling full or bloated, as opposed to so many other generic mass-market lagers. The 5.6% potency is easily tolerated. I drank an entire 24oz can in 15 minutes and barely felt buzzed.


I might go as far as recommending Molson Ice as a party beverage or a get-drunk-faster option, but as a beer in general it’s mediocre and gimmicky. There’s a reason it sells for $1.71 for a 24oz can.

Grade: 3/10

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