Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hangin' with DenisLD 2010

DenisLD from "DM's Montreal Beer Reviews" paid me and Jay a visit for a few hours on a random Thursday night. Denis was traveling from Montreal to New York and had a layover in Albany so we thought why not get together. We went to Brown's Brewery in Troy and had some food and beers then went back to my house and shot a beer review of Ithaca Flower Power (video coming soon) and shot another episode of "Interview with a Craft Beer Enthusiast" (videos coming soon). We also watched the movie "Beer Wars".

Denis hooked me up with quite a few Canadian beers I can't get in the USA and I hooked him up with some American beers he can't get in Canada.

Hopefully we'll see each other again later this year! It was fun!

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