Monday, May 3, 2010

Paul Cain - head brewer for Southern Tier | Interview With A Craft Beer Professional

This was an impromptu interview (actually, more of a conversation) with Paul Cain - the head brewer for Southern Tier Brewing Company. This was shot at the 2010 TAP New York Beer Fest. Bear in mind I had been drinking at the time which explains the shaky camera and the slurred speech.

Paul came up to me and said he was a fan of my reviews but joked that I "waste his assistants' time" because they're always watching my reviews when they're supposed to be working ;)

I also got to meet Doug, Ernie and Shaun - other brewers and assistants at Southern Tier. It was an honor to meet them and it really made my day to hear them say they liked both my and Jay's beer reviews. Thanks guys!

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