Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sampling three Redhook brewpub exclusive beers

Recently, Alex Kopf, a lead brewer at Redhook's Porstmouth brewery stopped at my house to give me some exclusive beers that are only available at the brewpub in New Hampshire. I bought them over to Jay's apartment for a super sunny Memorial Day compilation review. We split the three beers instead of drinking an entire bottle each, that way we could get through them quickly and not get drunk.

The beers were:

Haulin' Oats: an oatmeal stout (5.5% ABV)

Live Free or Rye: a German-style roggenbier similar to a hefeweizen (4.9% ABV)

Right Hook Red: an amber ale that is hopped 7 times during the brewing process (5.5% ABV)

Thanks again to Alex for the beers and thanks to Jay for having me over for a great holiday afternoon of drinking beers and eating hotdogs.
Nah, no text reviews were written.

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