Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dundee Summer Wheat Beer

Another new Dundee beer courtesy of Pete at the brewery (thanks again!). It's pretty much exactly what it claims to be.
NOTE: This beer is simply the old "J.W. Dundee's Hefeweizen" repackaged and re-branded as "Dundee Summer Wheat Beer". Below is my review of the original hefeweizen beer. My thoughts on the two are pretty much the same anyway.

   AROMA 6/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 5/10   PALATE 4/5   OVERALL 11/20
Chad9976 (602) - Albany, USA - FEB 25, 2010
The Hefeweizen style of beer is known to be rather sweet and smooth, but if one of those key elements is missing, the whole novelty of the wheat beer is gone. Such is the case with JW Dundee’s Hefeweizen. It has all the makings of a beer of the style, but it comes up short in the taste department.


One thing I like about the Hefeweizen style is the smoothness to the pour. JW Dundee’s Hefeweizen pours extremely smooth and forms a nice layer of head. It does evaporate rather quickly, but it leaves a constant lacing on the glass. Not surprisingly, the beer is light gold in color and extremely cloudy. There isn’t a lot of carbonation happening and the beer looks like a tall glass of tropical fruit juice. However, if I ever encounter a Hefeweizen that does NOT have such characteristics I’d be highly suspicious.

There isn’t much to say about its aroma, which is sweet but weak. At least it doesn’t smell like your typical beer, and that’s a good thing.


After two bottles of JW Dundee’s Hefeweizen I have to admit I was rather disappointed in its taste. Not that it was harsh or unbalanced by any means, just that its flavor was virtually non-existent. Hefeweizens are known for being smoother and sweeter than your average mass-market brew, but this particular beer leaves much to be desired. If you really concentrate you can make out a faint, almost citrusy seasoning, but otherwise it has little effect on your palate.


The best thing this beer has going for it is its smoothness. Although its flavor is fairly weak, it’s very easy to drink and finishes clean. Ales tend to be a bit heavier in body than lagers and I’d say JW Dundee’s Hefeweizen definitely is full-bodied. It’s easy to drink and isn’t too filling, so you could easily go through many if you so choose. However, this is unlikely do its weak taste.


Drinking JW Dundee’s Hefeweizen I couldn’t help but think its brewers skimped at little. There’s definitely a great taste inside this beer, but why is it so suppressed? I think with just a few tweaks this could go from average to outstanding. As it stands, it’s easy to drink but there isn’t much appeal.

Grade: 5/10

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  1. LOVE the video intro! LOL! Anyway, I agree with a lot of what you said about this beer. Very drinkable, especially for summer, but mostly one-dimensional and solidly average. I wouldn't buy it, but I wouldn't turn it down if someone were to offer me one either.