Friday, July 2, 2010

The "Roast or Toast" of Chad9976 (complete collaboration video)

Well here it is - the "Roast or Toast" of me (Chad9976). I received over 35 responses - some via youtube video responses and some via direct email. I was absolutely flattered that so many people out there wanted to either pat me on the back or elbow my ribs (or both). I tried to include as much footage from each respondent as possible but due to time constraints almost everyone's video was trimmed a little (although a few people who did very creative/funny bits earned extra time). These videos are in as random of order as possible, it's not in order of preference or anything. I think the entire 16-minute epic is entertaining from start to finish (but of course you'll be the judge of that). Thanks again to everyone that responded.

Be sure to check out the channels of all the respondents here:

Here's a playlist I made of all the individual "Roast or Toasts" on the respondents' own channels:

UPDATE: here's a video that just missed the deadline:


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