Monday, July 19, 2010

Sampling four Sweetwater beers at the Atlanta airport

In this guerrilla (not gorilla) style piece of investigative beer journalism, I try four different beers from the Sweetwater Brewing Company out of Atlanta, Georgia. I was in the Atlanta airport for a connecting flight on my way home to New York from Florida and remembered seeing the Sweetwater Draft House & Grill the last time I was here.

Initially, I didn't have enough time to stop as my flight was leaving from a separate concourse, so I opted for the Samuel Adams bar & grill which was right next to my gate (or what I THOUGHT was my gate). Stupid Delta changed the gate without telling me and I missed my original flight! After I got a new ticket home I had a few hours to kill and managed to find the Sweetwater eatery after all.

I was able to drink a pint of the Sch'wheat pale wheat ale and a pint of the IPA, as well as sample the 420 Extra Pale Ale and the "Blue" - a blueberry ale. Another beer, "Hummer" was on the menu but the bartender said they were sold out of it. I was hoping to try the "Happy Ending" stout but they didn't have it.

Sweetwater beers aren't distributed to New York, so it was extremely interesting to be able to try FOUR different beers in an airport!

If anyone would like to donate any Sweetwater beers to the show please contact me at

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