Sunday, September 12, 2010

How To Pack And Mail Beer

After recently having received a beer mail package where one of the bottles was broken, it occurred to me that there are no instructional videos on how to properly prepare, package, and ship beer. I do quite a lot of beer trading and I often find the other person doesn't always do a proper job packaging the beer they send me (with some notable exceptions, of course).

If you've never mailed beer before, this video should be a helpful tutorial for you. If you HAVE mailed beer and/or if you have any better ideas or methods, please say so in the comments section, or even make a video response. Help prevent beer breakage during shipping!

NOTE: This video is part one of what is now a 2-part series (with a possible third to come). In the second part I show a few more tips on how to package and protect the beers and some do's and don'ts of videoing beer mails.

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