Monday, October 18, 2010

Sampling five Cooper's Cave beers with Capital Beer Advocates

Cooper's Cave is a small brewpub located in Glens Falls, NY - about an hour north of my house. My beer store was recently able to acquire five of their beers - which are ONLY bottled in 22oz bombers. They were also quite inexpensive so I bought all five varieties. But I didn't want to drink all five by myself or even do 5 duo reviews on them so I went to the local beer meetup group I'm a member of - "Capital Beer Advocates" and asked if anyone wanted to come to my house and sample these beers while we watched the Giants and Jets games (the stipulation was, of course, they had to be on my YouTube page). I got quite a few "maybes" but only Chad (who's been on this show a few times before) and Steven RSVP'ed yes. Those that declined said they didn't want to be on youtube.

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