Monday, December 6, 2010

Southern Tier Blending Party | Chad'z Beer Reviews

I was originally going to title this video "Southern Tier Orgy" since it's about all these beers penetrating and mixing with each other to create for something even better than themselves..... but I thought that title was a little too sensationalistic.

Anyways, Henry joins me to mix the four Southern Tier Blackwater Series imperial stouts: Jah-va, Oat, Creme Brulee, and Choklat (there's also the Mokah, but we didn't get that because it's already a blend of the Jah-va and Choklat). Although there are a lot of combinations that could be made with these four beers, we only create blends that would seem to make sense. We also experiment with trying to find the proper ratios.

I hope Southern Tier will pick up on our idea and try MORE blends of these beers at the brewery!

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