Monday, January 10, 2011

Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast: Mark Starr of "The Hopry" (Part 2 of 2)

Mark Starr from and is one of the best-known and well-respected beer vloggers/bloggers on the internet today. He has a passion for beer that shows in every video, and his knowledge and experience seem to be of expert levels.

Usually, my interviews are broken down into two, 10-minute segments, but I was having such a great conversation with Mark we wound up talking for about 45 minutes. I had to boil all that down to the best 30 minutes and split it into two, 15-minute segments (approximately).

In part 2 of the interview, Mark talks about: why he mostly reviews higher-end craft beers and doesn't review macro beers; if paying attention to lists of the better beers makes the reviewer biased; what makes for an honest or fair review; whether he would drink macro beer at all; his opinion of the beer vlogging/blogging scene; and his outlook on the future of the American craft beer industry.

Be sure to check out part 1 of this interview, wherein Mark discusses: the meaning behind "The Hopry"; his personal history with beer and how he came to admire craft beer; how he describes his knowledge/experience level; his rationale/criteria for reviewing beer; why he started beer vlogging and blogging; how he approaches BMC drinkers with craft beer; and what the goal of his vlog/blog is.

NOTE ABOUT THE SOUND: I had my external microphone too close to the speaker, so the echo was caused by the natural recording of Mark's audio stream, as well as my mic picking up his voice. That was my bad. I should've moved the mic further away from the speaker.

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