Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast: Ryan "StumpyJoeJr" (Part 2 of 2)

Ryan, better known as is one of the hidden gems of the BeerTube scene. Living in San Diego he has access to Stone and many other cutting-edge and up-and-coming breweries. I've been a fan of his since his formative days and he's been a big fan of Chad'z Beer Reviews for a while.

In part 2 of this interview, Ryan talks about: the San Diego craft beer scene; the goal of his youtube channel; his favorite and least favorite styles of beer; whether he has any guilty pleasures; an article he wrote for a local beeriodical; his opinion of the large beer blogging/vlogging scene; his process for reviewing a beer and his criteria for what he considers quality; and what he thinks the future holds for craft beer.

In part 1 of this interview, Ryan discusses: his screenname origin; his interest in music; his history with beer; how and why he wanted to make video beer reviews; his knowledge level with beer; books, magazines and websites he reads to keep up on beer; his evolution as a homebrewer; and whether a beer review is objective or subjective.

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