Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FAQ #1 (Part 1 of 2)

I've been wanting to make a Frequently-Asked Questions video for a LONG time but just never got around to it until recently. I could've done this video by myself, but I think it looks and sounds more interesting to have an actual interviewer there. And since Kevin of http://youtube.com/TheFoamingHead was over to shoot a couple beer reviews, I handed him a list of questions I'm constantly asked by viewers to ask me in a journalistic interview instead of a generic vlog.

So while this may seem like an episode of "Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast" in reverse, it's actually just a fancy-looking FAQ. I call this "FAQ#0" because this episode is made up of questions I receive all the time. In future editions of this series, I'll ask viewers to send me in questions they'd like to have answered (don't send them in yet, though).

In part 1 you'll finally know the answers to these questions:
Why is it "Chad'z" and not "Chad's"?
What does Chad9976 mean?
Where do you live?
What's your day job?
Do you ever drink beer off camera?
What beer do you keep in the fridge for personal consumption?
What was your craft beer epiphany?
Why do you do beer reviews?
Why do you do soda and energy drink reviews on your second channel?
What makes you a beer authority?
What is the goal of Chad'z Beer Reviews?

In part 2 you'll finally know the answers to these questions:
How do you judge a beer?
How does situation and mood factor into rating a beer?
What's your all-time favorite beer?
Are there any beer styles you don't like?
Why did you start the second channel and what are your long-range plans for the two channels?

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