Sunday, April 24, 2011

FAQ #2

It's time for another round of Frequently-Asked Questions. Some of these were meant to be included for the first round, but it just went too long to include them all. Kevin Burns of plays the role of journalist and asks me all the question many of you out there tend to ask me quite often.

The questions:
0:21 Have you ever reviewed.....

2:02 How did you break your hand?
watch this video for a detailed explanation at the time it happened:

3:16 who did your theme song?
Behind the music with Brentalfloss and the making of my theme song:

Reviewing beer with Brentalfloss:

4:17 Who made your banner and your new cartoon logo?

5:05 How do you get breweries and people to send you free beer?

6:08 How can you like the Mets and the Red Sox?

8:15 How can I start developing my beer palate?

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