Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hangin' with Hagan Blount + huge NYC beer haul!

Yesterday I went down to Manhattan to hang out with Hagan Blount of and to shoot FOURTEEN episodes of his beer-tasting show at a local craft beer store to him "Good Beer NYC". Hagan's show is NOT a beer-review show like mine or other such BeerTube shows. He's paid by breweries to produce promotional videos for their beers. Hagan likes to bring in guests to get a second perspective on the objective, descriptive qualities of the beer. However, at no point are subjective descriptions or opinions used in the video. I've been talking with Hagan for quite a while online and he's always seemed like a cool guy. When he asked if I wanted to be a guest on his show I thought it would be a fun experience (and it was!). I did get to taste many new beers - several of which I can't get here in Albany.

While I was in NYC I decided to pick up as much craft beer as I could get that isn't available where I live. The second half of the video shows off the huge haul of stuff I bought as well as the many beers graciously donated to my show by Hagan - thanks, man!


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