Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 TAP NY Beer Fest (5/1/11 in Hunter, NY)

TAP NY Craft Beer and Food Festival is the premiere beer fest in all of New York State! It keeps getting bigger and better every year. This year there were 41 breweries in attendance! What's nice is it's not just distributors working the booths, the actual breweries themselves pour your beer and are more than happy to talk to you about it. As you'll see in the video I met the guys from Three Heads Brewing and Scott Vaccaro from Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, among others.

I made a more conscious effort to not get hammered like I did last year. The fact it was a warm, sunny day and I only drank half glasses instead of full glasses also helped. Not surprisingly I bumped in several other BeerTubers which you'll see, plus MANY fans of the show (but only got a few on film).

This year's fest was great! Next year I absolutely MUST go BOTH days since there's just not enough time in one day's fest to try everything.

Other BeerTubers in this vid:

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for making it the biggest and best TAPSM New York yet! 41 breweries pouring nearly 150 individual beers. Some very new breweries took home the trophies:

Saturday Winners

  • Matthew Vassar Brewers' Cup: Best Brewery in the Hudson Valley - Crossroads Brewing
  • F.X. Matt Memorial Cup: Best Brewery in New York State - Barrier Brewing
  • NEW AWARD! The John Calen Memorial Award: Best English Style Pale Ale - Crossroads Brewing's Outrage IPA
Sunday Winners

New York State:
  • Gold: Brown's Brewing - Whiskey Barrel Porter
  • Silver: Cortland Brewing - Flight Level 410 Olde Ale
  • Bronze: C. H. Evans - Hefeweizen
Hudson Valley:
  • Gold: High Point Brewing - Double Platinum Hefeweizen
  • Silver: Brown's Brewing - Whiskey Barrel Porter
  • Bronze: Crossroads Brewing - Outrage IPA
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