Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kevin Smith & Jen Schwalbach shill for Chad'z Beer Reviews on "Plus One Per Diem" (5/17/11)

Kevin Smith and his wife Jen Schwalbach recently started a morning radio show from their living room and to bring in sponsors they offered a ridiculously low price of only $200 for TWO MINUTES of talk time (most radio spots are 15-30 seconds). Being a Kevin Smith fan how could I possibly pass up such a great deal?

Most of the "talking points" you'll hear them read are nearly verbatim from the ad copy I submitted. Naturally they improvised quite a bit and Kevin being Kevin threw in a bunch of swears. If you're a craft beer geek like me I'm sure you'll be able to pick up on the minor details that threw them a bit (i.e. thinking "craft beer" means "homebrew"), but there's nothing about it that was outrageously incorrect or anything like that.

I'm definitely happy with the way this came out. Even more happy that they gave me DOUBLE the talk time than I paid for! Hopefully this will translate into some more subscribers! (the irony is it's all for the OTHER channel!)

WARNING: salty language! mature audiences only, please!

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