Friday, May 6, 2011

Madison Smith (WinoBeeroFoodo) | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast

Madison Smith is fairly new to the beer blogging and vlogging community. She goes by the internet handle "WinoBeeroFoodo" on all the social networking sites, including here on YouTube. Madison is a sales and marketing rep for a small winery in Davis, California by day and a craft beer enthusiast by night. I've been a big fan of hers even before she started beer vlogging and have offered her as much advice on how to succeed on YouTube as I can think of. I managed to get her to agree to Skype review a beer with me AND let me interview her. Here's the questions I asked:

0:24 What has been people's reactions when they find out you're a craft beer enthusiast?
1:15 You have a degree in "Food Science" - what does that involve, exactly?
2:50 How did you get into wine and then into craft beer?
4:30 You got a job at a winery in California while on a road trip from Georgia - how did you do that?
5:44 Did you have experience in sales and marketing?
6:30 What does your day job at the winery involve?
7:00 Are you able to be involved in the wine-making process?
8:05 Why did you decide to blog and vlog about wine, beer, and food instead of just one of the three?
9:10 What's your rationale or criteria for what makes good beer good?
10:19 What are your personal preferences when it comes to beer?
11:09 What are your beer turn-offs?
11:57 How do the cultures and attitudes towards beer and wine differ between Georgia, California and Italy?

Check out Madison on web here:

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