Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beer swap with Zak Avery

This is a very special beer trade because not only is it my first ever trans-Atlantic beer trade, but I'm trading with Zak Avery - a prominent beer writer, journalist, blogger and vlogger here on YouTube. I really admire and respect Zak's work and his taste in beer, so being able to trade beers with him was definitely very geeky for me, too. If you haven't seen Zak's video unboxing of the beers I sent him he said "This is the geekiest beer thing I've ever done" LOL!

Of course, now my fridge is stuffed with beers from around the world and I'm expecting ANOTHER beer trade AND a donation fairly soon! It's going to be a BUSY beer-reviewing summer around here!

Watch Zak's video unboxing of the beers I sent him here:

Check out Zak on the web:

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