Friday, June 10, 2011

How To Make Beer Bottle Cap Magnets

Beer nerds tend to save the caps from their favorite beers (or almost everything you drink if you're like me). But if they're just going to sit in a bag in the cupboard - what's the point? Why not make magnets out of them that you can proudly display on your fridge? In this video I show you how I do it.

Bear in mind there are several ways to make beer bottle cap magnets, and I think the method I'm using is actually one of the more expensive routes. It probably is cheaper to use similar sized magnets and simply glue them, but this method is cleaner, easier, and faster since you don't have to wait for the glue to dry. If you know of any other techniques please let me know in the comments box.

Also, I should you a few tricks on how to get bottle caps off without bending and creasing them (that much).

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