Saturday, December 18, 2010

RealAleGuide interviews me (2010)

Simon Martin of "The Real Ale Guide" ( interviewed me via Skype after I interviewed him. My first-ever interview by a European!

Here's the questions:
1. How did you get into craft beer?
2. How did you get into video beer reviews?
3. When did you put your foot down and refuse to buy fizzy yellow beer anymore?
4. What's your desert island beer?
5. What's your Top 5 Favorite beers?
6. Will BeerTubing cross over into the mainstream?
7. Can you make a living doing video beer reviews?
8. Would you drink a macro lager on a hot day?
9. What stout would you like to drink on a cold winter's day?
10. What's your long-range plans for BeerTubing?

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