Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Max Spang of "Snobby Beer Reviews" | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast

Max Spang is a fairly new face to the YouTube BeerTube scene. With his professional video skills and editing software he's been delivering a beer-review show that looks as good as "Beer Geek Nation" (which isn't a coincidence as you'll find out in the interview). Max and I shot a review of Founders Cerise via Skype so we decided to roll right into an interview afterwards. Here's the questions:

0:23 What made you want to get into video beer-reviewing?
1:44 What BeerTube shows influenced your show?
2:17 What was it like meeting and working with Better Beer Authority in person?
3:44 What's your experience with video production like?
4:37 How old are you? How long have you been drinking good beer for?
5:40 Did you have a specific craft beer epiphany?
6:36 What got you into homebrewing?
7:35 Is the "Snobby Beer Reviews" name tongue-in-cheek or genuine?
8:46 What's your rationale/criteria for grading and judging beer?
9:57 How do you spread the gospel of craft beer?
11:06 How far do you want to go with Snobby Beer Reviews?
12:16 What's your favorite beer styles and breweries?
13:35 Why are your beer reviews on instead of

Be sure to check out Max on the web here:

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