Sunday, September 4, 2011

FAQ #3 (part 2 of 2)

It's time for another edition of Frequently Asked Questions. These are the questions I see very frequently in the comments section and in private emails to me (or are just questions I bet you're wondering). This time around, my friend Chris plays the role of the interviewer and you'll finally get to hear the answers to these questions:

0:01 how do you record the Skype reviews and interviews?
0:34 why is the description of the beer in the description box different from what's on the bottle or on the brewer's website?
1:10 why do you put links to the beer on rate beer and beer advocate? why aren't the grades and ratings the same as what's in your description box?
2:11 I've tried several craft brews over the last couple of years based on your vids, most I really like but here's my issue...I can't afford them. Is there a good cheap beer you can suggest for a craft beer lover??
3:46 why do you always say "alrighty then"?
4:37 why do you always change the setting around? why don't you do two beer reviews in the same setting more than one time in a row?
5:28 why are you so damn snarky?
7:42 where can I get one of those shirts?

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