Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sierra Nevada Tumbler (2011 original review)

Fall is here so it's time to start drinking some fall seasonals (aside from pumpkins and Oktoberfests). Sierra Nevada's Tumbler is a brown ale which debuted last year but I didn't get to drink it then, so user requested I do it as part of "All Viewer Request Month". This the second-to-last entry for that series, then we get back to drinking what I want to drink!

   AROMA 6/10   APPEARANCE 4/5   TASTE 7/10   PALATE 4/5   OVERALL 13/20
Chad9976 (644) - Albany, USA - OCT 7, 2011
I poured a 12oz bottle into a tumbler (a physical pun you could say).

Appearance: Pretty dark brown/maroon hue. Although obscured I can see a lot of fine carbonation bubbles streaming up the glass. Forms a large, frothy, dark beige head which retains and lacing surprisingly well.

Smell: Very mild, plain, homogenize nose. Slightly sweet, but not confectionery. Touch of toasted malt, no hop presence.

Taste: I like British brown ales because they tend to cater to drinkers like me that have a sweet tooth. American brown ales, on the other hand, seem to cater to the average drinker. That’s what Sierra Nevada Tumbler drinks like - any other supermarket brand brown ale. The beginning of the palate is fairly sweet with a touch of dark chocolate, but no other individual ingredients or flavors. The middle is a continued mélange of slightly sweet toasted malts and a bready flavor. The backend is hoppy for a brown ale in that it’s dry bitterness, but not piney or citrusy in the least. It’s nowhere near a "Brown IPA" bitterness, but lacks the sweetness of a classic brown ale.

That’s not to say the beer is bad. Definitely not. I found the flavors interesting at the time, but I’m just not in a rush to take the next swig. If paired with the right food (gamey meats or cheese), Tumble would probably be a little more appreciable. But on its own it’s just okay.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied. Flat, tepid, wet, clean texture with short dry finish that fades quickly.

Drinkability: At 5.5% ABV, Sierra Nevada Tumbler is quite sessionable considering its palate isn’t overwhelming. The thick, flat mouthfeel enables it to slide through the mouth without any resistance. A beer drinkers of all calibers would have no problem slugging down.

Grade: 6/10

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