Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ithaca Beer & Soda Company (tasting room and tour)

I spent the weekend in Binghamton with family and we decided to trek up to Ithaca to check out one of my favorite New York State breweries - the Ithaca Beer & Soda Company. The building looks like an old convenient store from the outside, but inside is a nice-looking tasting room where you can sample almost all their beers on tap for free! They also sell homebrewing equipment and ingredients.

We took the tour of this rather small brewery, but will have to come back next year when their new facility is finished. I obviously didn't include everything from the tour, but enough to really capture the essence of this small, but productive, craft brewery.

P.S. I forgot to ask the tour guide for his name. I also forgot to ask them how they make their sodas!

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