Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mark Sinderson (VideoBeerReviews) | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast 2011

It's been just about a year since my last interview with Mark Sinderson, better known as "BikeBeerBBQ" around the net and owner of the very popular youtube channel Last time Mark and I talked he was on the verge of releasing a diet and exercise book for beer drinkers, which has now been available for about 11 months. In this interview we discuss the how's and why's of the book and well as his three years on the BeerTube scene.

The questions:
0:46 What made you want to write your book?
1:40 How did the writing process go?
3:35 Have sales met or exceeded your expectations?
4:21 Have you done any publicity for the book?
5:40 Have you thought about doing a book about bicycling?
6:17 How have you evolved both as a BeerTuber and a craft beer enthusiast in your three years as a video beer reviewer?
7:30 Why do you review king can macro lagers?
8:21 What's the worst beer you've had?
9:16 How's your Big Green Egg?
9:47 What's your short term and long term goals and plans?
10:44 Any chance you'll take a trip to the Northeast for your next trip?


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