Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simon "Real Ale Guide" Martin | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast (2011 edition)

Simon Martin, better known as "Real Ale Guide" joins me for my first-ever follow-up episode of "Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast." Simon has been "BeerTubing" for almost two years now and it's been just about a year since our last interview, so we both thought we should film a follow-up interview to see what's been happening with each other in the last year or so.

In this interview, I ask Simon these questions:

0:17 How have you evolved as a BeerTuber and a beer drinker over the last year?
1:21 How many brewery tours and beer fest have you been to this year?
2:15 What media exposure have you done?
3:36 Just how much free beer do you have in your house?
4:28 Will you have more guest reviewers?
5:10 What was your reaction when your wife started doing video beer reviews?
5:35 What brewery tour or beer festival or experience was the best so far?
7:25 Have you thought about homebrewing yet?
8:45 How did drinkers react to the ginger porter you brewed with Shepherd Neame?
9:51 What has been your proudest accomplishment so far?

Check out Simon on the web here:

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