Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beer trade with Max Spang (aka Snobby Beer Reviews)

This beer trade with just kind of cropped up out of the blue. And Max was offering some good beers and wanted stuff I could find relatively easy in return. It's probably the quickest beer trade I've ever done, too (from the time we proposed it to the time we received the beer). Max got my parcel on the same day I got his parcel! I bet we'll even post our video unboxings on the same night, too!

What I sent Max:

Check out this beer mail from none other than Chad9976, aka Chadz Beer Reviews, aka Chad Polenz.

Chad sent me some stuff I've been wanting for a LONG time! We got our packages on the same day, and even uploaded our unboxing videos on the same day!

Cheers, Chad.

Check out his youtube channels:

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