Monday, December 5, 2011

I QUIT!!! (the non-beer reviews.... for now)

With any new year people tend to make resolutions or changes in their lives and I'm already thinking about my 2012 plans. The biggest change that will occur is beginning in 2012 I'm quitting the non-beer reviews. This includes all the soda, alcopop, energy drinks, and even the occasional "Chad Tries" food tasting show.

Well, maybe "quit" is too strong a word Let's just say those shows are going to be on hiatus until further notice for a few reasons:

1. Now that I'm working 45 hours a week plus other volunteer activities I participate in, my free time is very limited compared to what it was the last few years when I was a full-time college student. The free time I do have I'd rather spend on my original reviewing passion: beer.

2. I really don't need the extra calories. I weigh more now than I ever have in my life and even though I don't even do all that many episodes of these non-beer reviews, in the long run those calories add up.

3. I'm just bored with them. I originally started the non-beer reviews as a way to lure people to my then "new" channel when I was moving the archive episodes of "Chad'z Beer Reviews" from to Then I had a few months off when I moved all the non-beer reviews to the Chad9976 channel. That was actually a nice break for me at the time and I honestly didn't miss it that much.

4. Wreckless Eating, Cult Moo, and Brad Jones do such a great job and get so much exposure with their shows that I just can't compete with them. Not that I ever really considered them "competitors", just that I don't see a point in doing my amateur show when these higher quality shows are available.

So that's the deal. I'm not saying I'm quitting them forever, just until I lose 10-20 pounds. In fact, for 2012 I am going to cut back to beer reviews only three days a week or less. But don't worry, I won't quit Chad'z Beer Reviews!

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