Sunday, January 8, 2012

Craig Gravina of "Drink Drank" | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast

Craig Gravina is a fellow beer blogger and craft beer enthusiast from the Albany area. He writes a great beer blog at I actually met Craig through the comments section on Zak Avery's blog! Craig and I have been communicating via Facebook and email for months, but never had a chance to meet in person until recently. We shot two beer reviews and afterwards shot this episode of "Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast."

Here's the questions:
0:52 How would you describe your blog?
2:15 What's your history with beer?
3:27 Are you BJCP or Cicerone certified?
4:39 What was your craft beer epiphany?
7:06 What's your criteria for how you rate beer?
9:00 Are you an appreciator of all styles of beer?
9:38 Are there any styles you have a preference for?
9:57 How do you spread the gospel of craft beer?
10:30 Who is your blog aimed at?
11:19 What would you recommend as a transition beer for lager drinkers?

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