Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jay of "Jay's Beer Review" | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast (2012 edition) 1 of 2

Jason Johnson of "Jay's Beer Review" is no stranger to my viewers. He's been a regular guest reviewer on my show for about three years now (and I on his show). However, we haven't shot an episode of "Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiasts" in about two years (he was the first person to be interviewed in this series, by the way). I thought it was long overdue for a catch-up interview to pick his brain on some topics and to see what's changed in the last couple years.

Here's the questions:
0:16 What have you learned in the last three years in your experience with beer?
2:48 What has your experienced been as a BeerTuber?
4:04 Why do you tend to be so polite in the comments section?
4:44 How do you judge beer?
6:49 Are you completely honest all the time? Have you ever held back?
8:45 What was your reaction to being ranked the #14 BeerTuber by "Better Beer Authority"?


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