Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peter "The Master of Hoppets" | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast 2012 edition

If you're into the BeerTube scene you MUST know Peter "The Master of Hoppets" by now. He's a young man out of Denmark who has been cranking out a beer review almost daily for the last two years or so (in fact, he just surpassed me in the number of total episodes made). Peter is currently studying at the University of New Mexico for the spring semester, so he'll be in the USA for a few months.

Peter and I reviewed Sixpoint Resin via Skype and since I hadn't interviewed him since 2010 we both thought it was time for an updated interview, so here ya go.

Here's the questions asked:
0:13 What are you doing in America? How long are you going to be here for?
0:46 What is your reaction to American culture?
2:48 What is the Albuquerque beer scene like?
4:52 Did you find any beers you've always been looking for in Albuquerque?
6:15 Are you going to meet up with Tantrum777 or any other BeerTubers?
7:02 How can you do a beer review a day and not weigh 300 pounds!?
8:05 Have you had any American or ethnic food that blew your mind or grossed you out?
9:31 Do you find you're a lot busier now?





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