Tuesday, April 17, 2012

James Knott of "Better Beer Authority" | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast (part 1 of 2)

James Knott had already been an established YouTuber when he started shooting the "Better Beer Authority" from the basement of his home in 2010. He's a professional video producer who worked on "Larry King Live" for a number of years and still makes videos for a living as a freelancer in Columbus, Ohio. His panel-driven, beer review show has been loved (and hated) by the at-large BeerTube community for a while now. James has never done a Skype review or interview until him and I set up a beer trade recently and I managed to get him to grant me an interview. Here's what I asked him:

0:18 You film in the basement of your house?
0:45 Why is the show on the "Agile H" channel?
1:18 What does "Agile H" mean?
1:41 Do you kick yourself for not starting a youtube.com/BetterBeerAuthority channel?
2:29 What made you want to start doing beer reviews on your channel?
4:49 What was the original goal of the show? How has it evolved?
6:08 Did you have a craft beer epiphany?
6:58 How does an episode of BBA get made? What's the process?

Be sure to check out the Better Beer Authority on the web:

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