Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Session Beer Day" is controversial? | Chad'z Beer Op-Eds #4

Today, April 7th, has been declared to be "Session Beer Day" by noted beer blogger/journalist/historian Lew Bryson. There's even a badge you can earn on Untappd if you drink a beer that's 4.5% ABV and under.

But not everyone agrees that the line should be drawn at 4.5%, but rather 4% ABV. Especially Ding. Personally, I understand where Ding is coming from, but I think he's trying to impose his British "real ale" culture on the American craft beer scene and they do NOT mix at all!

So what do you think? Please respond to these questions:
1. Do American beer drinkers even have a concept of what it is to "session" beer?
2. Where do you draw the line on what makes a "session beer"? 4%, 4.5% or something else? Is there more to it than just ABV?

Lew's Session Day blog:

Ding's blog:

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