Thursday, May 10, 2012

Travis of "Cheer To Beers" | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast

"Cheer To Beers" is a new "BeerTube" show hosted by Travis Mitchell out of the greater Columbus, Ohio area (not too far from the Better Beer Authority, in fact!). He's been at it since 2011 and is nearing 100 episodes. Travis works in video production by day and bartends at a microbrewery on the side. He's an up-and-coming with a lot of talent and potential and had some interesting things to discuss in this interview. Here's what I asked him:

0:15 Why is the show called "Cheer To Beers"?
0:42 What made you want to start doing video beer reviews?
1:27 What's your experience with craft beer?
2:30 How long have you been drinking craft beer?
2:50 What's your favorite beer styles?
3:17 What is the beer scene like in Columbus?
3:53 What was it like being a guest reviewer on "Better Beer Authority"?
4:43 What's your criteria for how you judge beer?
5:56 What's are some of the best beers you've had?
6:37 What's are some of the worst beers and your least favorite styles?
8:08 What beers are on your wish list?
8:51 What's it like working part time at a brewery?
10:14 Do you homebrew and/or help brew at the brewery?

Check out his channel here:

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