Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FAQ #4 (part 2 of 2)

You asked questions and I provide the answers. I shot this on a Sunday morning while still in my PJs sipping on my coffee. I didn't put much thought into these answers ahead of time, they're all extemporaneous responses so yeah there's a lot of rambling going on (which is why I had to split it into two videos).

Here's the questions and times:
0:01 Whats up with Henry and do you still get together?
1:15 Why did you choose an arbitrary number of videos like 700 to stop at?  Why not something more meaningful like 697 or 702?
1:46 Well, why are you such a bastard?
1:58 So if you had to pick your final beer to review (based on all the previous beers you've had), what would it be?
3:46 What do you need to do differently when homebrewing lager compared to ales e.g. conditions and time?
4:17 If you were stuck in house arrest for a year and could only have three cases of beer, what would they be?
5:01 Your really informative on reviews! Ever thought of taking your reviews into another format?
5:40 Why does Jay from Jay's beer review like the Pittsburgh Steelers? And what's your favorite beer from Southern Tier?
7:10 With all we know about the power of suggestion, can any beer/wine/food review truly have merit unless it is totally blind?
9:07 This might be to late but here's another question anyway. What is your philosophy?
9:52 did you ever have a girlfriend?

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