Friday, August 31, 2012

Jeremy Hosier of Westmere Beverage | Interview With A Craft Beer Professional (part 2 of 2)

If you've been watching me for a while you know I get most of my beer from Westmere Beverage Brew Crew. In fact, I've even shot a couple video tours of the store with their manager Jeremy Hosier. He's actually retiring from the retail business to work full time on his gluten-free beer company Steadfast. However, I wanted to interview him as a retailer since he's at the nexus between the breweries and the consumers and has a lot of insight into the industry that most costumers, even hardcore craft beer enthusiasts like me, probably don't have.

1756 Western Ave.
Albany, NY 12203
(518) 456-1100


Here's the questions I asked him:
0:01 How do you decide what beers to carry on tap for growler fills?
2:04 Why aren't there more session beers on the market?
3:31 What beer or brand sells well that would probably surprise a lot of people?
4:11 What's a hidden gem in your store?
4:50 Why are beer stores organized by country/state instead of by style?
6:05 Can you up-sell the BMC drinkers on craft beer?
7:18 What do you see happening in the future of the beer industry? Do you worry the market might be starting to saturate?

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