Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ben Harris of "Just A Beer Geek" | Interview With A Craft Beer Enthusiast

Ben Harris (aka "Just A Beer Geek") is a fellow Albany-based beer blogger and vlogger. I met him through the local craft beer circles and we've talked beer a lot over the last few months. He's a grad student who also works full time so we don't get that much opportunities to hang out together, but we finally did this Sunday and we not only shot a duo video beer review for his channel, we also interviewed each other.

Here's what I asked him:
1:03 What was your craft beer epiphany?
2:06 What styles turned you on to craft beer?
3:11 At what point did you decide to start a beer blog?
4:49 How long have you been homebrewing?
6:14 What's your criteria/rationale when you review a beer?
9:17 What's your favorite styles?
10:09 What's your least favorite styles?
11:01 What are your short term and long term goals?
12:28 What do you think the future holds for the craft beer industry?

Be sure to check out Ben on the web here:

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  1. Just so you know, you've had a pretty significant impact on my habits as a beer drinker. I'm not a daily follower of your blog (but am subscribed to your YouTube channel), but on those occasions when I do drink a beer alone when I get home from work or something, I find that reading a review of yours while drinking enhances the experience. Not to mention that I've developed a more refined appreciation for craft beer since I began watching/reading your reviews. So thanks.