Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greg Koch vs Ryan Reschan (StumpyJoeJr) - the COMPLETE saga!

Not sure if you guys had seen this online battle making the rounds. Ryan Reschan, has been reviewing beer on YouTube for a few years now at channel "StumpyJoeJr". He won Stone's homebrewing contest earlier this year and him and his friend were able to brew their "coconut IPA" on Stone's system for mass production (we might even get it here). I've been online friends with Ryan for a couple years now.

But not too long after he won the contest he posted a review of Arrogant Bastard Ale and gave it a D:

Not too long after that, Greg Koch posted a series of videos directly communicating with vloggers. He actually posted one correcting me on something I said in a review in 2009. Anyway, here's his response to Ryan's lousy rating of ABA:

So Ryan responded:

And Greg fired back yet again:

Then the "Final Response" video was posted today:

Behind the scenes:

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