Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Interview with Scott Veltman - Ommegang brewer (part 2 of 2)

Scott Veltman is a Capital District native who is now a professional brewer working for Ommegang in Cooperstown. He reached out to me on Facebook awhile ago letting me know he was a fan of my beer reviews. We've met up a few times when he's been in town and at a few beer festivals and other events.

He invited me to come down to Ommegang for a behind-the-scenes tour and while there we shot a review of a very special beer as well as this interview. Scott's a great person to interview as you'll see in the video. Here's the questions I asked him:

Part 2:
0:01 How do you guys come up with new recipes?
1:39 Do you do test new recipes before bottling them and putting them on the market?
2:45 Is there any beer in the Ommegang portfolio that was entirely your recipe?
3:51 How did you guys get the Game of Thrones contract?
4:30 How many BBLs does Ommegang make a year? Can you put that in perspective?
5:37 How many states is Ommegang in?
6:25 Who's your target audience?
7:31 Did you make any changes to any of the mainstay beers?
8:44 What's your favorite Ommegang beer to brew and/or to drink?
9:28 Are there any retired Ommegang beers you wish they'd bring back?
9:59 What are some of your other favorite breweries and beers?
11:10 How did you find out about Chad'z Beer Reviews?
11:47 What's the future hold for you?

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  1. Thanks, cool interview. I agree that Ommegang and ST are the only two good breweries. Both have consistently good beer with many great ones mixed in.