Monday, April 14, 2014

Hudson Valley Hops 2014

The third annual “Hudson Valley Hops” was held at the Albany Institute for History and Art on Saturday. This was the first topic I wrote about here on the Times Union “Beer Nut” blog, so this event has some sentimental value to me. It’s basically a little beer festival held within the AIHA, but also an educational symposium as there are several presentations held throughout the day. It’s a unique format to say the least, I mean, how often do you get to drink beer in a museum?
I’m not going to recap each presentation this year since they were essentially the same as those from 2013 (though Craig Gravina and Alan McLeod’s talk about the Albany Ale Project was the best by far). I thought I’d just do a photo gallery this time around. Enjoy!IMG_2632IMG_2637IMG_2655IMG_2653IMG_2648IMG_2631IMG_2654
IMG_2639IMG_2646 IMG_2661

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