Sunday, May 18, 2014

FAQ #5

It's been about two years since my last FAQ video. I thought we were due for another one.

Here's what was asked. Click on the timer to jump to my answer to that question:

00:20 MrTichoify
How do you feel about your life at the moment and would you do YouTube full time if it was possible one day

1:25 JasonAdam719
What is your desert island beer, favorite beer and the beer you want to try the most?

3:06 Benjamin Benedict
1) What are your views on beeradvocate, talkbeer, or ratebeer and which your favorite? 2) What is your favorite beer of all time?

4:00 Dakota Rabelow
how many comics do you have and what your favorite

4:52 Don Malone
What Brewer would you like to meet and why. What is your top three IPA's

6:34 The Johnsta
1. I just bought my first bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, do you recommend aging it? By aging it, how will it affect the taste?
2. What alcoholic beverages do you enjoy besides beer?
3. What are some of your favorite liquor stores?
4. Do you remember your first craft beer?

8:27 TheCaucazoid
What do you do as a profession, I always see stacks of boxes in your room are you an accountant?

8:53 matrixdevonshire
When did you start going for craft beers? Also, how was the transition process like going from Budweiser to craft beers? I

9:47 Nicole Ostoyich
I am going to Denver next month are there any brews from that area that stand out as must tries or any recommendations in general? Thanks!

10:25 matrixdevonshire
Second question, how did you become a Red Sox fan being from New York?

11:24 Thomas Bayes
When do you plan on doing another FAQ video again?

11:44 Topspeed325
Why are you defensive? Just saying....cheers.

12:14 SovietIVIan
What did you do in the Navy?

12:52 Imparts6893
1. What is the best bear you have had on tap
2. What are the top 5 beers you have always wanted to get your hands on but have't yet

13:31 Kenneth Romito
What's one way BMC could win you over? Also, I have heard you say that you do not prefer German beers, can you explain why?

14:42 RickyMcGinnis
Any thoughts on Rand Paul? 

15:17 Jordon Lane
If you had the power to erase one beer and/or beer company out of existence which would it be and why.

15:35 Dolfandad79
How do you train to taste off flavors in beer? green apple, DMS, etc. 

16:16 superflyjsc
Do you keep a beer cellar? If so can we see a video of your current collection in one if your future videos?

17:28 matt smitch
What is your favorite style hop head or malt maniac?

18:00 P Fitzgerald
How did you get into craft beer and would you recommend joining the navy? 

18:22 Imasofat
Two questions... What is non-sequitter? and, If you had an all expenses paid vacation, where and what would you do?

19:23 grillmeasteak
1)Do you think the craft beer community has a hard time grasping that some people just don't like IPAs or stronger flavored beer? For example: lot's of people drink coffee, but not everyone likes espresso.
2)Many craft brew drinkers say that the Big 3 beers are piss water, and the Big 3 drinkers say their beer is the best--- do you find both sides of the argument obnoxiously annoying?
3)If Anheuser-Busch labeled a bottle of beer as "Budweiser Double IPA", but was the actual recipe of Pliny The Elder, do you think it would still score 100 overall on both Beer Advocate and Ratebeer?
4)Are you going to watch The Angry Video Game Nerd movie when it comes out?

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