Monday, May 26, 2014

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2010 vs 2013 vintages

Well it only took me 772 episodes, but I finally decided to do a vertical tasting. Though I'm not sure if it's truly a vertical tasting if you're missing vintages between the newest and oldest bottles. Anyway, I've had these bottles in the fridge since CHRISTMAS and since Bret is moving soon I thought a good send-off would be to let him try two vintages of one of the most sought-after imperial stouts by beer geeks worldwide. He said this was actually his first time trying it, if you can believe that! This was also Alex's first time as a guest reviewer on the show. He's an all-grain homebrewer and a fellow member of Albany Brew Crafters homebrew club.

I didn't re-write my text review of this beer., but here are my older text reviews:
2009 vintage (reviewed in 2013):
2008 vintage (reviewed in 2010):

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