Monday, July 14, 2014

Where to take a beercation in New York?

ilovenewyorkbeerA friend of mine from Pennsylvania who takes beer-centric vacations (or “beercations” as I like to call them) throughout the northeastern states wrote me this morning asking where in New York he should go on his next excursion:

Do you know of any really nice two or three day trip places in New York that have good beer places like Hudson Valley, Lake George, Adirondack areas ? Thanks. Figured no better person to ask than somebody from there.

Most readers of this blog are from New York State, especially the Capital District area. So we probably have the most knowledge and strongest opinions about New York beer. So you’re probably the ideal audience to answer this question:

Where in New York would you advise an out-of-stater to visit for both good beer and good tourism?

I’ll wait until enough people have chimed in before I give my own answer, but in the meantime I have some links that would be useful for inquires of this nature:

New York State Brewers Association
Bill Dowd’s list of New York beverage trails
Rate Beer’s list of New York beer locations

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