Saturday, March 28, 2015

Interview with Mark Neumann of Upstate Brewing Company

I've known Mark Neumann for a couple years now. We met at TAP New York back in 2013. I've always enjoyed their three canned beers: Common Sense Ale; IPW; and the new XPA. Mark was in town for a few events so he was nice enough to swing by my place for a short interview.

Here's what I asked him:
0:17 How old are you and where are you from originally?
0:36 How did you get into good beer?
1:21 When did you start homebrewing?
2:13 How did you end up back in New York?
2:37 How did Upstate Brewing get started?
3:36 When did your first beer go on the market?
4:10 Did you go straight to cans or were you draft-only at first?
4:55 What's your distribution network like now?
5:18 Where did you get the name Upstate Brewing?
6:30 Have you taken any flack over the phallic arrow in the logo?
6:54 Why did you decide to use cans instead of bottles?
8:00 What's the story behind the Common Sense Ale?
9:13 What's the story behind your new XPA?
11:33 What's the story behind the IPW?
13:13 How many barrels did you brew in 2014? What's your goal for 2015?
13:55 How many employees do you have?

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