Thursday, May 28, 2015

FAQ #6

You had questions, I have answers.

"Oh answers! Answers! Sweet sweet answers!"
“Oh answers! Answers! Sweet sweet answers!”

Questions from Times Union readers:

Chuck Miller asks: What was better – Utica Club beer or the Schultz and Dooley commercials that promoted the beer?
First of all, it’s not really fair to compare a beer to a commercial – you should compare a beer to another beer. Secondly, those Schultz & Dooley commercials were WAY before my time, so I have no nostalgia for them. Thirdly, Utica Club is still around (the usage of the word “was” implies it is not), in fact City Beer Hall almost always has it on tap. Lastly, it’s not a terrible beer – certainly better than Bud Light and its ilk, but there are way better ones available.
So to answer your question: I’d rather drink a Utica Club than watch the commercial for it.

Sean asks: Are there trends in craft beer, with particular reference to styles of beer that you think may be getting overstretched or maybe even overused?
In short: no. I don’t care if a beer is trendy or faddish, just as long as it’s good.

matt asks: Batman Year one or Dark Knight Returns? I mean at what point will there be too many IPAs and should we demand breweries to make other styles?
Hmm… they’re both great but I’d probably say DKR.
It’s not that people are only drinking IPAs because that’s what brewers make; breweries are making so many IPAs because that’s what sells the best. Breweries respond to market demand, not vice versa (though I’d ask for a professional brewer’s opinion on this for better insight).

Mike Campbell asks: In your opinion, what are the best examples of your least favorite styles of beer?
That’s an odd question. It’s like asking me what my favorite bad movie is. I really can’t answer that without going through my entire review archive and I really don’t have the time to do that.

Steve asks: What do YOU think of the whole “Local” thing going on now? Fad that will run its course – or here to stay like the local wine industry?
I’ve ranted on this topical several times in the last few years. Please see my blog Local is NOT a synonym for quality for an in-depth answer.

bigdaddytheo asks [paraphrased]: How should I use my Randall? What ingredients should I put in it?
I’m not a huge fan of Randalls, because you’re changing the way the beer was meant to taste (unless it’s a brewery-sanctioned event). I think it’s more fun for homebrewers to use for experimenting rather than bars.
I’d say just Google “Randall recipes” and you’ll get a lot of suggestions.

Questions from YouTube:

Alec Holland asks: Most overrated comic you’ve read?
Anything by Grant Morrison. I think he’s got some great ideas, but he’s a lousy writer.

Grillmeasteak asks: What brewery in the U.S. would you like to move to your area?
Why would I want a brewery to move from somewhere else in the country to here? Breweries, for the most part, don’t move (across town maybe, but not across the country).

Evan Paluch asks: What is your favorite NY State brewery and why?
Definitely Southern Tier. Because they make awesome beer of a wide range of styles.

Eeriewolf asks: Favourite lager, and why?
Too many to name, though I’d say Sixpoint’s “The Crisp” is always solid; Stillwater’s “Yacht” was pretty awesome and pretty much everything Jack’s Abby makes is good.

xDXPxJOEx456x1 asks: How was your day Chad?

Superflyjsc asks: How many beers do you drink per day? Per week?
I try to review a beer almost every day so there’s at least one. If I did a strenuous enough workout I might have two. It also depends on the ABV and container size and whether I’m drinking alone or with someone else.

BoogieBoyBronx asks: If you were on a fancy dinner date with a potential love interest, and were forced to choose an IPA on her behalf, what would you choose?
I can’t imagine a situation in which I’d be “forced” to choose and IPA for a date. I don’t like choosing beers for other people. I ask them what they like and try to find something that matches their interest. Also, IPAs aren’t for everyone – especially not for beginners.

Backalley cryonix asks: How and when did you begin your journey into the world of beer?
I’ve already answered that in previous FAQs and also in interviews, etc. It’s a long story. Super short answer: about 10 years ago when I was in the navy and I got to try beers from other parts of the world I’d never had before.

David Flynn asks: What is your favorite and least favorite beer ingredient outside of water, barley, hops, and yeast?
Depends on the beer and style. Chocolate in a stout or porter can be awesome when done right. I’m not a big of ginger.

Crank shaft asks [paraphrased]: If I’m just starting out homebrewing, should I do a 1-gallon kit or a 5-gallon kit?
I don’t really see the point in doing 1-gallon kits, especially if you’re just starting out. A 1-gallon brew might be better for an experienced homebrewer who just wants to try an experimental recipe. Get a 5-gallon all-in-one starter kit (the equipment, that is) from any homebrew store. It’ll cost you about $100 but you’ll have everything you need to make extract and partial mash homebrews.

Jraff6161 asks: What are some of your favorite English style barley wines?
If we’re limiting the list strictly to English-style: Fuller’s Vintage Ale; J.W. Lee’s Harvest Ale; North Coast Old Stock Ale; Harvey’s Christmas Ale.

Pint Sized asks: If in between your hot and cold taps in your kitchen you could have an unlimited beer tap, which beer would it dispense?
I wouldn’t want that. I would get sick of any beer if I had an unlimited supply of it forever and ever. I’d rather just keep trying new beers.

Dafoodmaster asks: Do you wear cologne?
I have a bottle of Acqua di Gio and Curve for Men but I rarely use them. Maybe on a first date, that’s about it.

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