Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bold City Killer Whale Cream Ale

   AROMA 5/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 6/10   PALATE 4/5   OVERALL 13/20Chad9976 (1502) - Albany, New York, USA - NOV 26, 2015
A cream ale, is essence, an adjunct lager fermented with an ale yeast strain. Yet, some of the world’s best cream ale taste nothing like that. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Bold City Killer Whale Cream Ale. While it doesn’t have any off-putting features, it tastes and drinks like a generic golden ale. This is one time where tasting a bit more like a lager might be beneficial. 

I poured a 12oz can into a tumbler glass. It was canned on 7/27/15 and cost $1.99 ($0.18 per ounce). Thanks to Mike for this can!

Appearance: A bit darker than the average cream ale – more of a polished copper or amber hue. Body is mostly clear with slight haze and carbonation is visible. Pours to a pen-width, white, foamy head which never completely dissipates and leaves a trace amount of lacing.

Smell: Virtually odorless (for better or for worse). No overt corn aroma or flaws, but nothing really to latch on to.

Taste: When I think “cream ale” I usually do expect a relatively mild brew, but a brew with discernable flavor nevertheless. There isn’t much going on with this beer, though. No flaked maize, no malty sweetness and no hop bitterness or other character. This is probably better categorized as a generic blonde or golden ale. There is a faint bit of lemonpeel and citrus towards the back end, but that’s about the only thing in the palette that stands out. Though I do appreciate the fact there’s no DMS, diacetyl, or acetaldehyde. Any BMC drinker could easily enjoy this; but true craft beer enthusiasts will likely find it boring.

Drinkability: A beer like Bold City Killer Whale Cream Ale is probably sold on the merit of its form, rather than its content. It’s crisp, light-bodied, and refreshing – all things you want when you’re drinking beer in Florida in the sun. Still, the body does come up a bit short and I’m not completely sure of the ABV as it’s not listed on the can or the brewery’s website. I’d peg it at around 4.5%, but some sites have it listed at 5 and as high as 5.5% ABV. If this is over 4.6% I’d consider it wildly inefficient.

RATING: 5/10

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